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1953 Wurlitzer Model 16501953 Wurlitzer Model 1650

ITEM NO. 1367   Price: $3,900.00
1953 Wurlitzer Model 1650.  When you think of jukeboxes, Wurlitzer is the first to come to mind.  This great looking 50’s style jukebox holds 48 selections of your favorite 45 rpm records.  The changer mechanism is all in plain site under the glass dome.  This unique design has 2 needles and plays the top and bottom of each record without turning it over.  Works and sounds great.  The perfect center piece for any game room.

1954 Seeburg Model HF100R1954 Seeburg Model HF100R

ITEM NO. 1365   Price: $4,400.00

1954 Seeburg Model HF100R.  This classic 1950’s jukebox.  Lots of chrome and glass.  The large curved glass front shows off the 100 45 rpm selection Seeburg selector mechanism, which is one of the most reliable ever made.  Multiple speakers create a rich, full sound.  Both the mechanical and electronic systems have been restored and the origninal case looks great.  Relive your Malt Shop Memories with the push of a button.


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