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Mechanic on Duty Wall ClockMechanic on Duty Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 966   Price: $38.95 

This guy is always on duty ready to seve you...well sort of!  Come on in if you dare!  Great looking colorful 14" dia. wall clock that is sure to get you plenty of comments!

"Mean Mutha" Street rod clock"Mean Mutha" Street rod clock

ITEM NO. 1164   Price: $124.95 

Street rod clock in shades of grey.  Remembering the "rods" of the "50’s".  Great 14" dia. wall decoration.  An American made quality timepiece.

Blast Off ClockBlast Off Clock

ITEM NO. 1176   Price: $124.95

14" diameter, Back-lighted Hot Rod Clock in shades of Gray.  Great addition to the den or game room

Cobra Race ClockCobra Race Clock

ITEM NO. 1177   Price: $124.95 

Back-lighted clock depicting a Shelby Cobra GT race car.  Beautiful multi-color face in stunning detail.  This is a  14" diameter, American made quality clock that you will be proud to display on your den wall.

Gasser Wall ClockGasser Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 1178   Price: $124.95 

American made 14" dia. quality wall clock.  Back-lit face in shades of gray, depicting a 1957 Chevrolet "Gasser".  Great addition to the den or game room

Jeep Lighted Wall ClockJeep Lighted Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 1263   Price: $124.95

Originally developed for the U.S. Army during WW11, this American Icon made a name for itself throughout the world as a dependable, tough means of transportation.  Now it has evolved into a sporty, utilitarian urban vehicle that is both somewhat of a status symbol and a fun ride. 14" dia, back lighted wall clock is battery operated, but requires 110v power supply for the 22w fluorescent bulb.

Pontiac GTO Wall ClockPontiac GTO Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 1264   Price: $124.95

Another American Icon made famous on the racing circuit as well as the American highway.  Display your pride in the Pontiac Division of General Motors with this beautiful, American made, 14 " dia.  lighted wall Clock

Stromberg Carburator Lighted Wall ClockStromberg Carburator Lighted Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 1301   Price: $124.95

All American made 14" dia. lighted wall clock depicting the famous Stromberg Carburator Logo.  This clock is back-lighted by a 22 watt fluroescent circline bulb.  Requires a 110v. outlet.  Clock is powered by a AA Battery.  What a great gift for the game room or "Man Cave" in your house.

Clock, 1964 Pontiac GTOClock, 1964 Pontiac GTO

ITEM NO. 1496   Price:  $124.95

This clock immortalizes the 1964 Pontiac GTO.  What a Car!  Clock is 14 inch diameter, all American made, and is backlit by a 22w fluorescent circline bulb.  Great Graphics!  Clock requires 110v AC and a AA battery. 

Clock, GT-40Clock, GT-40

ITEM NO. 1508   Price:  $124.95

What a clock!  Great graphics!  Hang this one on your garage wall and wait for the comments.  Clock is 14" dia, all-American made.  Back lighted by a 22w fluorescent circline bulb.  110v AC and a AA Battery required. 

Clock, "Hidden Treasure GTO"Clock, "Hidden Treasure GTO"

ITEM NO. 1510   Price:  $124.95

Who knows what treasures are lurking in old barns and sheds?  The perfect clock for the hard to buy for car buff.  14" dia, backlighted clock is illuminated by a 22w fluorescent circline bulb.  Requires 110v AC and an AA battery. 

Clock, Pontiac RacingClock, Pontiac Racing

ITEM NO. 1518   Price:  $124.95

No longer an active General Motors brand, the Pontiac division of GM played a big part in developement of Pontiac engines through race-testing new designs in actual use.  Pontiac had its own engines and did not cross brand lines for other GM engines.  14" dia, back-lighted clock.  Requires 110v AC and a AA battery. 

Clock, StudebakerClock, Studebaker

ITEM NO. 1525   Price:  $124.95

A tribute to the Studebaker automobile.  Although it couldn’t compete with GM, Ford, and other major companies, Studebaker made some real ground-breaking strides in the automotive industry.  This clock quietly heralds the age of a once-great industry innovator.  14" dia., back-lighted clock would make an impressive display on your garage wall.  110v AC and a AA battery are required. 

Cadillac Service Neon Wall ClockCadillac Service Neon Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 8CADSR  Price:  $94.95

15" dia x 3" deep Cadillac Service wall clock.  Reminescent of the Cadillac Service signs seen in Dealers service areas.  Great addition to your game room. 

Pontiac Driving Excitment Neon wall clockPontiac Driving Excitment Neon wall clock

ITEM NO. 8DRIVIN   Price:  $94.95

Gone from daily life and only a recent memory.  The Pontiac name and logo are now committed to history.  Immortalized in this 15" dia x 3" deep neon wall clock  the Pontiac logo can live in your home for years to come.   

Hot Rod Neon Wall ClockHot Rod Neon Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 8HOTRD    Price: $89.95

This 15" dia x 3" deep neon wall clock is sure to appeal to the Hot Rod Set in your life. 

Oldsmobile Service Neon Wall ClockOldsmobile Service Neon Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 8OLDSM   Price:  $94.95

This 15" dia x 3" deep neon wall clock is a tribute to another automobile brand that was committed to history.  A great reminder of our recent past, this clock would look great in the gameroom. 

Pontaic Service Neon Wall ClockPontaic Service Neon Wall Clock

ITEM NO. 8PONTI   Price:  $94.95

Once a force to be recognized, this brand is another GM great that has drifted off into the history books.  The logo on this 15" dia x 3" deep neon wall clock will live on in our memories. 


ITEM NO. 8MSCLE   Price:  $89.95

15" dia x 3" deep Muscle Car Garage neon wall clock with red neon ring.  Great idea for the garage. 

Street Rod Coupe ClockStreet Rod Coupe Clock

ITEM NO. STREET COUPE  Price:  $124.95

Great tribute to the Hot Rod Set.  Gorgeous 14" diameter back-lighted wall clock illuminated by a fluroescent circleline bulb.  Requires 110 v. ac and a AA battery.  Drop shipped from supplier.  Allow extra time for delivery.


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