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Chevy Sales & Service Gas Pump GlobeChevy Sales & Service Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 445   Price: $109.95

Great looking "Bow-Tie" logo gas pump globe. Blue and yellow graphics on white glass lenses in a black, white,  or dark blue 15.50" O.D. plastic frame w/13.50" dia glass lenses. This is a great gift idea for the Chevy lover! Note:  shown on optional lighted base.

Conoco Gas GlobeConoco Gas Globe

ITEM NO. 280   Price: $99.95

Get the famous Conoco triangle logo!  This 15.50" O.D.  globe features the red logo on both sides. 13.50" dia. Glass lenses in a Plastic ring.  Shown on optional lighted base.  Get it while we’ve got it!  Available in white or green plastic housing.  Specify color when ordering.

Pure "Firebird Racing Gasoline" pump globePure "Firebird Racing Gasoline" pump globe

ITEM NO. 1148   Price: $99.95

"FIREBIRD" brand gasoline image was implemented by the Pure Oil Company around 1961.  This unique globe design with 13..50" dia glass lenses is a real eye-catcher and looks great in any game room setting.  Available with white or dark blue 15.50" O.D. trim rings.  Specify color when ordering

That Good Gulf Gasoline GlobeThat Good Gulf Gasoline Globe

ITEM NO. 211   Price: $99.95

"That Good Gulf Gasoline" globe.  Fill up with Gulf!  13.50" dia Glass lenses in a 15.50" O.D. plastic globe frame featuring this popular Gulf slogan on both sides.  Perfect addition to any collection!

Indian Gas Pump GlobeIndian Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1294   Price: $99.95

Truly unique gas pump globe.  Rich, vivid colors in blue, green and red.  This would be a great addition to any game room.  Note: shown mounted on lighted base (not included).  13.50" dia glass lenses in a 15.50" O.D. trim ring.  Trim ring is  available in blue (shown),white, or green.

Gas Globe Lion OilGas Globe Lion Oil

ITEM NO. 276   Price: $99.95

Unleash the lion’s roar in your engine with Lion gasoline.  High color graphics are featured on both sides of this 13.50" dia. glass lens.globe.  Plastic ring is 15.50" O.D. Shown on optional lighted base.

Phillips 66 GlobePhillips 66 Globe

ITEM NO. 331   Price: $99.95


Phillips 66 Shield Gas Pump Globe in 15.50" O.D. orange frame.  Item is also available in a black frame.  Specify color when ordering.  Logo is displayed on both sides of globe.  Glass lenses are 13.50" dia.

Gas Globe Phillips 66 - EthylGas Globe Phillips 66 - Ethyl

ITEM NO. 956   Price: $99.95

Multi-colored Phillips 66 "Ethyl" gas globe.  Traditional colors on a white background.  13.50" dia glass lenses are mounted in a 15.50’ O.D. Available with a orange or black plastic frame.  Specify frame color when ordering.  Get it while it lasts! Note: shown on optional lighted base.

Gas Globe Polly GasGas Globe Polly Gas

ITEM NO. 332   Price: $99.95

Colorful Polly Gas logo on a two-sided glass lens globe.  Makes a great, unique gift for the discriminating collector!  Get the optional lighted base to complete this great gift idea!  15.50" O. D.  Plastic housing available in black or white (shown).  Specify housing color when ordering.  Glass lenses are 13.50" dia.

Richfield Pump GlobeRichfield Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1146   Price: $99.95

Beautiful, faithful reproduction of the original Richfield pump globe.  13.50" dia glass lenses in a 15.50" O.D.  plastic ring.  Available with white,yellow or dk. blue ring.  Please specify ring color when ordering.

Gas Globe Route 66Gas Globe Route 66

ITEM NO. 443   Price: $99.95

Take a drive down Historic Route 66 with this two-sided glass lens globe.  Perfect item for the memorabilia collector!  Shown with the optional lighted base.  15.50" O.D. black plastic housing with 13.50" dia glass lenses.

Gas Globe ShamrockGas Globe Shamrock

ITEM NO. 353   Price: $99.95

Get the lucky Shamrock logo with this great looking glass lens globe.  Features a bright shamrock graphic on both sides of the globe.  Glass lenses are 13.50:" dia in a 15.50" O.D. Plastic housing. Housing is available in Green or White.  Specify color when ordering.   Unique gift idea for those looking for a lucky charm!

Gas Globe Super ShellGas Globe Super Shell

ITEM NO. 314   Price: $99.95

Brilliant red and yellow graphics make this Super Shell glass globe one of the all-time most popular collector’s globes.  Features vivid graphics on both sides of globe.  15.50" O.D. red plastic housing with 13.50" dia glass lenses.  Shown on optional lighted base.

Signal Gas Pump GlobeSignal Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1352   Price: $99.95

Signal Gas Pump Globe with White Ring. Faithful reproduction of the original.  15.50" O.D. Plastic housing with 13.50" dia. glass lenses.  What a great piece of Americana for the game room. Available with white, black, or yellow  ring.  Other colors available on request.  Note:  Shown on optional lighted base.

Sinclair Aircraft Pump GlobeSinclair Aircraft Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 333   Price: $99.95

Most people don’t know that Sinclair is also famous for aviation fuel.  This two-sided red, green and white globe will get you in the mood to soar into the wild blue yonder!  Shown with 15.50" O.D. white ring.  Also available with green ring.  Glass lenses are 13.50" dia. State preference when ordering

Sinclair HC Gas Pump GlobeSinclair HC Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1354   Price: $99.95

This gas pump globe is a reproduction of one of the earliest Sinclair logo’s.  World famous and instantly recognizable.  15.50" O.D. plastic ring with 13.50" dia. glass lenses.  Available with white or green plastic ring.  Specify color when ordering.  Try this on for size in your game room.  Note:  Shown on optional lighted base.

Gas Globe SunocoGas Globe Sunoco

ITEM NO. 335   Price : $99.95

Another great looking collector’s item from Sunoco.  This dual-sided 13.50" dia. glass lens globe is emblazoned with the famous Blue Sunoco diamond logo.  Sunoco is one of the few survivors today of the old-time oil boom days!  15.50" O.D. yellow plastic housing shown. Also available with white housing.  Specify color when ordering. Note:  Shown on optional lighted base.

Gas Globe Sunoco DynafuelGas Globe Sunoco Dynafuel

ITEM NO. 275   Price: $99.95

Grab a tank of Sunoco Dynafuel and unleash the horsepower under your hood!  This attractive 15.50" O.D. globe will be sure to please any collector.  Features the Sunoco Dynafuel logo on both 13.50" dia glass lenses..  Available with white or yellow plastic housing.  Specify color when ordering

Gas Globe SunrayGas Globe Sunray

ITEM NO. 352   Price: $99.95

Roll down the windows and let the fresh sun rays shine in!  This 13.50" dia, glass lenses,  feature graphics on both sides.  Plastic housing is an awsome orange color.  Overall outside diameter is 15.50".  Don’t forget the optional lighted base! (Shown mounted on base)

Gas Globe Texaco Fire ChiefGas Globe Texaco Fire Chief

ITEM NO. 336   Price: $99.95

Get this  globe featuring the Texaco fireman’s hat that you remember from your childhood.  This dual 13.50" dia glass lens, 15.50" O.D. plastic globe will take you back in time!  Shown with the optional lighted base.  Available with red, black or white plastic housing.  Specify color when ordering.Order today!

Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline GlobeTexaco Sky Chief Gasoline Globe

ITEM NO. 1559   Price:  $99.95

A compliment to the Texaco Gasoline Pump Globes, the Fire Chief Globe fits right in with the Texaco Fire Chief line of products. A great addition for the avid collector.  !3.50" dia glass lenses are mounted in a 15.50" dia plastic frame. Frame is available in a Black, red, Green or White .  Specify frame color when ordering.  Note:  Shown on optional lighted base.

Union 76 Pump GlobeUnion 76 Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1147   Price: $99.95

Brilliant orange  globe with medium blue 76 number.  15.50" O.D. plastic frame with 13.50" dia. glass lenses.   Available with orange, white or blue trim ring.  Specify color when ordering.

Lighted Globe Base-Dk. BlueLighted Globe Base-Dk. Blue

ITEM NO. 450   Price: $74.95

Lighted base enhances the detail of your pump globe. Suggest 40W std. bulb or 40W showcase style bulb.

Lighted Globe Base-BlackLighted Globe Base-Black

ITEM NO.   338   Price: $74.95

 Lighted base really shows off the detail of your pump globe.  Uses standard 40W or Showcase 40W bulb.

Fry 10-Gallon Globe CupFry 10-Gallon Globe Cup

ITEM NO. 1113   Price: $40.00

Sturdy aluminum construction for secure glass globe mounting.  Fits 10 gal glass visible gas pump style cylindar.


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