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Roar with Gilmore SignRoar with Gilmore Sign

Item SP00129  Price $99.95 (#1387)

Gilmore Oil Co. originated in Los Angeles in the early 1900’s.  E.B. Gilmore hired Roscoe Turner, a barnstorming pilot to fly around the western U.S. with  a lion cub named "Gilmore" as his co-pilot to call attention to the Gilmore line of products.  E.B. Gilmore also pioneered the concept of the "Gas-A-Teria" which was the first self-service gas station in the country.  This 25.5 in. dia. baked enamel on steel sign is a reproduction of the Gilmore Brand Logo.

Gulf 2 (1936-1960) SignGulf 2 (1936-1960) Sign

ITEM NO. 221   Price:  $99.95

This 25" diameter Gulf 2 sign was in use by Gulf Oil from 1936 thru 1960.  Gulf Oil was a world wide known brand and is resident in the memories of many people.  We all remember the days of that big orange ball rotating high in the sky at the local Gulf Station.  Durable painted graphics on steel construction.

Hudson Regular Gas SignHudson Regular Gas Sign

ITEM NO. 143   Price:  $99.95

Another famous icon of the early days in the gas & oil industry that has disappeared from the American scene.  This 25" diameter sign is a great addition to any garage or "man cave".

Half Moon Bay Drag Strip SignHalf Moon Bay Drag Strip Sign

ITEM NO. 1459  Price:  $99.95

25" dia. painted steel sign.  The Half Moon Drag Strip was a real drag strip.

Husky ServiceHusky Service

Item SP00084  Price $99.95

"HUSKY" a major brand in western Canada was sold in the western U.S. starting in 1932.  This 20.625 x 25.50 18 ga. baked enamel on steel sign would look terrific on the game room wall.

Indian Motorcycles SignIndian Motorcycles Sign

Item 218  Price $99.95

This 25.5 inch dia. sign is a reproduction of the original Indian Motorcycle Logo. Indian motorcycles were made in Springfield, Mass. and were in direct competition with Harley-Davidson.  Painted steel construction.

Lion SignLion Sign

Item 272  Price $99.95

The Lion Oil Company was a well-known,Arkansas based oil and gas entity and was in business from 1929 until after the war.  This is a 25.5 inch dia, painted steel reproduction of the original Lion sign.  Perfect for the garage, game room or "man-cave".

Last Chance DinerLast Chance Diner

ITEM NO. 212   Price: $99.95

LAST CHANCE DINER is a modern fantasy sign in the style of the 1930’s.  25.50" dia, Baked enamel on steel construction.

Last Chance Garage SignLast Chance Garage Sign

ITEM NO. 215   Price:  $99.95

The sign says it all.  24" dia. sign would be a great compliment to any garage

Last Chance Garage SignLast Chance Garage Sign

Item 214  Price $99.95

Colorful, whimsicle 25.5 inch dia. sign for the garage or gameroom.  Baked enamel on steel construction.

Lions Drag Strip SignLions Drag Strip Sign

Item 284  Price $99.95

Lions Dragstrip was the most famous dragstrip of Southern California.  Located in Long Beach, it operated from Oct. 10, 1955 to December 2, 1972.  This 19 x 25.5 inch baked enamel on steel sign will bring back memories to the people that were there, and will surely be the topic of conversation when displayed in the gameroom or family room.

Mobilgas PegasusMobilgas Pegasus

Item SP00177  Price $149.95  (#1400)

38.75 x 29.25" baked enamel on 18 ga. steel.  The Red Pegasus became the World-Wide trademark for Mobile in 1931.  What a great tribute to the history of our Nation.  Great addition to the game room or den.

Mobilgas SignMobilgas Sign

Item SP00130  Price $99.95  (#1388)

Popular in the 1940’s, this 25.5" dia reproduction "sign of the Flying Red Horse" would look great in any garage or man cave.Baked enamel on 18 ga. steel.

Mowhawk GasolineMowhawk Gasoline

ITEM NO. 264   Price: $99.95

MOWHAWK was a brand of gasoline sold on the west coast beginning before the war and lasting into the 1970’s.  It was then sold to Getty Oil and retired.  Sign is a 25.5 inch dia, Baked enamel on steel reproduction. 

New Youk City’s Connecting HwyNew Youk City’s Connecting Hwy

ITEM NO. 1478  Price:  $99.95

Careful, the cops are watching!  Great baked enamel on steel sign for the game room

Oilzum Motor Oils & Lubricant SignOilzum Motor Oils & Lubricant Sign

ITEM NO. 141   Price:  $99.95

25" dia sign depicting the Oilzum Motor Oil Figurehead.  Unique display piece for the garage.

Used OK CarsUsed OK Cars

Item SP00116  Price $99.95 (#1380)

This sign was displayed by both dealer associated used car dealers and independent used card dealers.  25.5 inch diameter sign is baked enamel finish on steel.

Pontiac Service SignPontiac Service Sign

Item SP00119  Price $99.95 (#1383)

Who could forget this sign?  25.5 inch dia. baked enamel on steel.

Phillips 66 Shield signPhillips 66 Shield sign

ITEM NO. 140   Price:  $99.95

The famous Phillips 66 orange and black shield sign.  Reproduced in an approx. 24’ x 24" size.  This instantly recognizable sign would be a perfect fit for the "pampered garage".

Phillips 66 White Ethyl SignPhillips 66 White Ethyl Sign

ITEM NO. 139   Price:  $99.95

A companion to the famous Phillips 66 shield sign, this 25" dia. White Ethyl sign is the perfect compliment to a Phillips 66 collection.

Polly Gas SignPolly Gas Sign

ITEM NO. 216   Price: $99.95

Looks like Polly needs to refuel!  This great looking sign will add a touch of class to any decor!  Features vivid black, yellow and green graphics on a 25.5 inch diameter baked enamel on steel sign.

Red Crown GasolineRed Crown Gasoline

ITEM NO. 266   Price: $99.95

RED CROWN was originally a brand used by John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil trust.  After the Standard Trust was broken up by a 1911 Supreme Court ruling, most of the resulting Baby Standard companies continued to use both the Red Crown and White Crown brands. This 25.5 inch dia.,enamel on steel sign is a reminder of days gone by.

Richfield Hi Octane Gas SignRichfield Hi Octane Gas Sign

ITEM NO. 267  Price:  $99.95

Richfield wa a major west coast brand.  Established in California in 1905.  In 1917, the new, blue eagle trademark first appeared in L.A.  In 1966 Richfield merged with Atlantic Oil Co. to form Atlantic-Richfield. (ARCO) and the blue eagle disappeared.  This 13 x 25.5" sign is a reproduction of the famous blue eagle sign.  Baked enamel on 18 ga. steel.  This is a real historical icon from yesteryear and would look great in a gameroom or "man cave."

Route 66 SignRoute 66 Sign

Item SP00113  Price $99.95  (#1379)

ROUTE 66, the most famous highway in the U.S. began with an act of Congress in 1925 and went from Chicago to Santa Monica, Calif.  John Steinbeck called it "The Mother Road" a label that "Stuck" and also the "Road of Flight" which Okies used during the dustbowl days  to escape Oklahoma and travel to California to find work.  This 25.25" x 25.50" baked enamel on 18 ga. steel sign serves to immortalize this highway and would look great in any gameroom.

Santa Ana Drags SignSanta Ana Drags Sign

Item SP00171  Price $99.95 (#1399)

Dragsters, modifieds and "Rat Rods".  The Santa Ana Drag strip took ’em all.  Located at the Santa Ana Airport in Orange County, California, this drag strip was well known for the excitement it generated.  This 25.50" x 17" sign is constructed of 18 ga steel with a baked enamel finish

Signal Gasoline SignSignal Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 273   Price: $99.95

SIGNAL gasoline was a west-coast brand sold before the war and into the 60’s.  It’s especially memorable for radio fans as sponsor of the Signal radio program "The Whistler" which arrived on the CBS Pacific network in the western states in 1942.  This colorful, 25.5 inch dia. enamel on steel sign would look great in the garage or gameroom

Sinclair Aircraft SignSinclair Aircraft Sign

ITEM NO. 282   Price:  $99.95

Sinclair was well known in the airline industry as a supplier of aviation fuels.  25" dia. sign would compliment your Sinclair memorabilia collection.

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