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Aero Eastern Motor Oil SignAero Eastern Motor Oil Sign

ITEM NO. 1405   Price:  $99.95

Decorative 25" dia painted steel sign would look great in any gameroom.

Aristo Motor Oil SignAristo Motor Oil Sign

iTEM NO. 1406   Price:  $99.95

This painted steel sign measures approx. 24" x 24".  Aristo was a brand associated with Union Oil of Arizona.  Union Oil of Arizona, though not well-known in the retail gas industry was a major player in it’s field.


ITEM NO. 1401   Price: $99.95

Reproduction of the official American Hot Rod Association (AHRA) Sign.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  Sign is approximately 25 x 25" and consists of a baked enamel finish in red, white & blue on 18 ga. steel.

Bear Service SignBear Service Sign

Item 145  Price $99.95

Starting in the 1920’s, Bear Alignment was a national chain of Alignment Shops that operated for over 50 years in the U.S..  Sign is baked enamel on 18 ga. steel and measures 17.625 x 25.50" This sign has become an American Icon and is recognized nation wide.  Get one for your game room.

Bear Alignment 2-sided hanging signBear Alignment 2-sided hanging sign

ITEM NO. 1390   Price:  $179.95

A familiar icon from yesteryear, this 2 sided sign was seen is almost every auto service center in the nation.  What a great idea for your gameroom or garage.

Bee Line Dragway SignBee Line Dragway Sign

ITEM NO. 1408   Price:  $99.95

This is a replica of a sign used at a real drag strip.  Colorful in black, white and yellow, this would look great on the gameroom wall.  Porcelain on steel construction

Buick Authorized Service SignBuick Authorized Service Sign

Item SP00123  Price $99.95  #1385

The Buick Automobile was named for David Dunbar Buick, a plumber that first invented a method of affixing porcelain to cast iron thereby giving society the first white bath tub.  He developed the valve in head engine and sold is plumbing business. In 1908 the Buick Automobile became the base for General Motors Company.  Sign is 25.5" dia, baked enamel on 18 ga. Steel

Busted Knuckle GarageBusted Knuckle Garage

ITEM NO. 283   Price: $99.95

"Repair & Despair Under One Roof!"  Busted Knuckle Garage is a trademark of Almost There, Inc.  This is a current design.  Steel with painted finish .  25.5 inch diameter

Cadillac ServiceCadillac Service

Item SP00121  Price $99.95  #1384

Established in 1903 by engine manufacturer Henry Leland and a group of former Ford backers, the first Cadillac was shown at the New York Auto Show.  GM bought the company in 1909 and in 1912, Cadillac became the first car "without a crank" and featured electric lights.  It competed with Packard, Peerless, and Pierce Arrow in the luxury market. 25.50" dia. sign

Chevrolet Super Service SignChevrolet Super Service Sign

Item SP00117  Price $99.95 (#1381)

Recognized world-wide, this 25.5 in dia. painted steel sign would look great in the garage or gameroom. 

Chevrolet Genuine Parts SignChevrolet Genuine Parts Sign

Item SP00153  Price $99.95  (#1394)

You’ve seen this one at every Chevrolet dealership nationwide.  This 25.5 in dia painted steel sign would look like the real thing in your gameroom.

Chevrolet Bow Tie SignChevrolet Bow Tie Sign

Item SP00158  Price $109.95  (#1369)

The famous Chevrolet "Bow Tie" sign.  Known world-wide. What a great addition to the garage or game room.  Measures 32": x 13.50".

Camaro SignCamaro Sign

Item SP00159  Price $69.95  (#1396)

23" x 10" baked enamel on steel. Printed one side only.  Hanging chains included.

Chevelle By Chevrolet SignChevelle By Chevrolet Sign

ITEM NO. 1397   Price:  $69.95

This curved "collar" sign is designed to hang under the Chevrolet Bowtie Sign (Item no. 1369) but can be wall-hung by itself as well.  Porcelain on steel construction.

Corvette SignCorvette Sign

Item SP00160  Price $69.95  (#1370)

Printed one side only. "collar type" baked enamel on steel sign measures 23 x 10 inches.  Hanging chains included.

Corvette Sign  42" Dia.Corvette Sign 42" Dia.

ITEM NO. 1393   Price: $299.95

42" dia, baked enamel on 18 ga. steel sign.  Same as our P/N 1371 except larger.  Brilliant colors of red, black & gold on a white field.  What an impresive showpiece for your "man cave"  NOTE:  SHIPPING CHARGES FOR THIS SIGN WILL HAVE TO BE QUOTED FOR ACTUAL COST.  THIS IS A LARGE SIGN AND STANDARD WEBSITE SHIPPING CHARGES DO NOT APPLY.

Corvette Stingray Sign, 25.50" dia.Corvette Stingray Sign, 25.50" dia.

Item No. 1391   Price: $99.95

The official seal of the Corvette Stingray!  Authorized by GM, this 25.50" dia baked enamel on 18 ga. steel sign is truly a unique find for the game room of the Corvette entheusist.

Super Sport SS  By ChevroletSuper Sport SS By Chevrolet

ITEM NO. 1398   Price:  $99.95

25" dia. Painted steel sign highlighting the famous Chevrolet "SS" emblem.  Great gift idea for the Chevelle lover in your house.

Chevron Aviation SignChevron Aviation Sign

ITEM NO. 1412   Price:  $109.95

Chevron was a major player in the aviation gasoline supply chain.  Fuels were formulated to reduce ice formation in the fuel system.  Great game room conversation piece.

Dixie SignDixie Sign

Item 269  Price $99.95

Dixie gasoline was a predominant brand in the south for years.  25.5 inch dia, painted steel sign  displays the familiar crossed "Stars & Bars"Confederate navy battle flags on a light yellow field.

Dodge Bros. Sales/Service SignDodge Bros. Sales/Service Sign

ITEM NO. 263   Price:  $99.95

This 24" dia. sign is a reproduction of the original Dodge Brothers Logo.  What a unique gift for the gameroom.

Drag Races SignDrag Races Sign

ITEM NO. 1414   Price:  $99.95

25" dia. replica sign of the Niagara Falls Drag Strip.  Colorful and just seems to say, "Gentlemen, start your engines"!

EliminatorNY Nat’l SpeedwayEliminatorNY Nat’l Speedway

ITEM NO. 1415    Price:  $99.95

24" dia. replica of another drag strip sign of yesteryear.  Hang this one in your garage and savor the envy.

Firebird Racing Gasoline SignFirebird Racing Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 1402   Price:  $99.95

Introduced in or around 1960 the Firebird icon was used by the Pure Oil Company as a corporate symbol.  This 25" dia. porcelain on steel sign was seen on Pure Oil Service Stations nation wide.  Pure Gasoline was known on the racing circuit and was developed as a result of  extensive race car testing.

Flying A GasolineFlying A Gasoline

ITEM NO. 220   Price: $99.95

FLYING A gasoline was sold on the west coast by associated dealers of Tidewater Oil Co. before and after World War II.  In the early 1900’s a group of well operators formed the Associated Oil Co. to transport oil out of the oilfields.  Durable 25.5 inch dia. porcelain on steel sign.

Freemont Drag Strip SignFreemont Drag Strip Sign

ITEM NO. 1417   Price:  $99.95

Reminisent of the Freemont, California Dragstrip.  This baked enamel on steel sign would look right at home in the garage.

Fortune Ethyl Gasoline SignFortune Ethyl Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 271   Price: $99.95

Remember the sign you used to see at service stations and car lots? Here it is again! This authentic , reproduction vintage sign is made from 18 gauge steel and features a colorful baked enamel finish. This 25.5 x 20.5 inch sign adds a finishing touch to your barn, workshop or garage.

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