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Tornado Alley Metal SignTornado Alley Metal Sign

ITEM NO. 1877   Price:  $24.95

Who hasn’t heard of "Tornado Alley"?  Seems like every state lays claim to the designation.  Now you can prove it with your very own 28" x 6" White on green metal sign.  Perfect conversation starter for the game room or garage.

Busted Knuckle Old Truck round metal signBusted Knuckle Old Truck round metal sign

ITEM NO. 1879   Price:  $24.50

Great graphics in shades of burgandy, red, brown and beige on a 14" dia. metal sign.  What a great gift for the man’s "Man Cave".


Busted Knuckle Hot Rod Oval SignBusted Knuckle Hot Rod Oval Sign

ITEM NO. 1881   Price:  $42.50

Large 24" x 14" oval metal sign featuring a vintage hot rod.  Great presentation in shades of red, burgandy,beige, white and black.  Eye catching conversation starter.

Busted Knuckle Retro Rider SignBusted Knuckle Retro Rider Sign

ITEM NO. 1882   Price:  $28.95

Elongated, 22" x 14" diamond shape featuring the "retro" motor cycle rider.  Great colors, great graphics.

Busted Knuckle Rad Rod SignBusted Knuckle Rad Rod Sign

ITEM NO. 1884   Price:  $32.95

This one is really different!  Inverted 15" x 14" triangle with a "rat rod" emblazoned across the front of it.  Suggests a 3-D effect.  Colors in black, orange and white really enhance the graphics.  Perfect addition to the garage.

Busted Knuckle Custom Gas Pump SignBusted Knuckle Custom Gas Pump Sign

ITEM NO. 1885   Price:  $32.95

This 7" x 24" metal sign is sure to stir up some interesting conversations.  Check out the wording on the sign.  You will need a great sense of humor to appreciate this one. 

This Way to the Busted Knuckle Garage SignThis Way to the Busted Knuckle Garage Sign

ITEM NO. 1886   Price:  $32.95

"This Way to the Busted Knuckle Garage" metal sign.  Sign measures 25" x 7" and features a hand pointing  the way.  You used to see signs like this pointing to local insurance agencies and optometrists offices.  Looks really vintage.  Black printing on a yellow field.

Fat Boys Parts Flame SignFat Boys Parts Flame Sign

ITEM NO. 1982   Price:  $79.95

Fat Boys Parts Sign measures 26" x 13" and features "Lady Luck" .  Great garage sign for the man that seems to have everything.

You Can Borrow My Tools Tin SignYou Can Borrow My Tools Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 2140   Price:  $11.95

Great garage sign.  Measures 12.50" X 16".  This one ought to take your guests by surprise.  Usually the signs say No tools loned, etc.



Dream Garage Ford SignDream Garage Ford Sign
ITEM NO. 2314 Price: $27.95
This 16 x 12 inch sign depicts the filling station/garages so prevalent
in days gone by. Features Ford vehicles including a vintage "hot rod" and others right up through the 㥄’s.
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