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T-Bucket Parking SignT-Bucket Parking Sign

ITEM NO. 975   Price: $19.50

Beautifully done metal sign.   Size 5" x 20".  Looks great in teen’s room, garage or game room. 

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Speed Shop Oval SignSpeed Shop Oval Sign

ITEM NO. 1278-1   Price:  $36.45

Beautiful, oval-shaped hot rod sign.  Great graphics.  14" c 24" oval.  This one would look at home in any hot-rodders garage or game room. Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Quickies Pump and Polish SignQuickies Pump and Polish Sign

ITEM NO. 1641   Price:  $11.95

This 12.50" x 16" tin sign features an American Hot Rod with a Texaco pump in the background.  What a great sign for your garage or game room

Retro Auto Tin SignRetro Auto Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1236-1   Price:  $11.95

Check this out!  The front of a 51 Oldsmobile Super 88 Deluxe with a view of the Santa Monica Pier in the background.  Sign is 12.50" x 16".

Ford V8 Ol’ School signFord V8 Ol’ School sign

ITEM NO. 1149   Price: $19.50

Unique "Rod" sign.  14" dia. in shades of brown, tan & gray.  A truley beautifully done sign .  Artwork is very detailed.

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

American Hot Rod Garage  Tin SignAmerican Hot Rod Garage Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1201   Price:  $11.95

Looks old.  Features a street rod and gas pump. This 12.50" x 16" tin sign would be a great coonversation starter.

Roadsters Rule Tin SignRoadsters Rule Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 986   Price: $21.50

The Roadster is the quintissential American hot-rod, and is still very popular today with enthusiasts.  This multi-color 17.50" x 11.50" sign features two "classic" roadsters that are "rarin’ to go."  Tin construction.

Roadsters Rub Polish SignRoadsters Rub Polish Sign

ITEM NO. 990   Price: $18.00 

Get that mirror finish with Roadster Rub Wax.  Sold here for only 79 cents, it’s the choice of all serious hot rodders!  14" diameter, Tin construction.

Roadsters Rule-Round SignRoadsters Rule-Round Sign

ITEM NO. 989   Price: $19.50

Catch the spirit of America with this drop-top roadster.  Features brilliant graphics on a grey background.  14" dia., Tin construction.

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Sign, Roadster ParkingSign, Roadster Parking

ITEM NO. 974   Price:  $18.00

What a great sign for the Hot Rod Entheusiest!  This 20" x 5" colorful sign would look great in the garage, game room or teen’s room.

Hot Rod Garage Tin SignHot Rod Garage Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1358   Price: $11.95

What a great 16" x 12.50" sign for the garage or game room.  Perfect for a man’s "private space". 

Hot Rod Garage Hanging SignHot Rod Garage Hanging Sign

ITEM NO. 1282   Price: $128.00

Unique, double-sided sign with another, smaller sign hanging under it.  Comes complete with a stylish hanging  bracket. 14" x 24" oval sign.  Bracket extends 28" from wall.  Overall height including bracket is 22.50".

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.


Hot Rod Garage SignHot Rod Garage Sign

ITEM NO. 1273   Price: $47.50

Single sided, Hot Rod Garage sign.  Suitable for wall mounting.  14" x 24" oval sign.  Would look great in a teen’s roomSpecial Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Crusin’ Topless SignCrusin’ Topless Sign

ITEM NO. 1276   Price: $19.95

Hot rod sign with outstanding graphics.  Perfect for the den or game room.  Size = 11.50" x 17.50".

Old School Cool SignOld School Cool Sign

Item No. 1330  Price: $29.95

What a great sign!  Depicts a 1951 Mercury, customized of course, adorned with an "admiring lady".  Fun sign for the nostagic "hot rodder" in your life. Size: 15 x 15 inch

Special Order:  Please allow 2-3 weeks delivery

Fontana Raceway SignFontana Raceway Sign

Item SP00172  Price $99.95

Dedicated to dragsters and rail racers, the Fontana Raceway is well known and well respected in drag racing circles.  This 25" x 20" sign commemorates that piece of Western History.  Colorful baked enamel on steel sign would look great in the game room or den.

Muscle Car Garage--Detroit MuscleMuscle Car Garage--Detroit Muscle

ITEM NO. 1237   Price:  $11.95

A 1968 Camero with a view of nostalgic gas pumps in the background and a "view" in the forground.  This 12.50" x 16" tin sign would look great in dads workshop

The Great American Dream Tin SignThe Great American Dream Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1231   Price:  $11.95

Colorful, nostalgic 12.50" x 165" tin sign featuring two "rods" of "The Good Ole Days".  If you remember these, you should have this sign in your garage or workshop.

Sign, Hot Rod Garage- Shell GasSign, Hot Rod Garage- Shell Gas

ITEM NO. 1672   Price:  $24.95

Great sign for the garage or Hot Rod "Man Cave".  Measures approx. 12.75" x 16

Sign, Hot Rod Garage Texaco GasSign, Hot Rod Garage Texaco Gas

ITEM NO. 1679   Price:  $24.95

Great garage sign.  Measures 12" x 18"

Speed Demon Hot Rod Shop Since 1969 SignSpeed Demon Hot Rod Shop Since 1969 Sign

ITEM NO. 2057   Price:  $11.95

12.50" x 16" tin sign is a colorful, devil of a sign (pun intended).  Great sign for the "Speed Demon" in your family (or the "little devil wanna be);

Speed Shop Diamond shape signSpeed Shop Diamond shape sign

ITEM NO. 2125   Price:  $29.95

Impressive 28" x 14 colorful sign is perfect for a prominant place on your garage wall.

Genuine Old School Laid Back SignGenuine Old School Laid Back Sign
ITEM NO. 2316 Price: $27.95
12" x 16" sign looks old and features "FORDS". Neat sign for your game room.

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