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The Original Root Beer Float tin sign.The Original Root Beer Float tin sign.

ITEM NO. 2144   Price:  $11.95

Remember your first Root Beer Float? Smooth and creamy and what a taste!.  This 14" x 14" sign is just a gentle reminder of those days.  This would be right at home in the breakfast knook of your house.

Drink More Beer-Support Local Leprecdhauns tin sigDrink More Beer-Support Local Leprecdhauns tin sig

ITEM NO. 2145   Price:  $11.95

Even the "wee folk" need a little help sometimes.  This humerous 12.50" x 16" sign would  be right at home in your man cave.  Tap a keg, enjoy your company!  Drink responsibly.

Chicken Dinners SignChicken Dinners Sign

ITEM NO. 2133   Price:  $21.50

Southern Fried Chicken Dinners Sign.  Nothing beats a good Southern Fried Chicken Dinner!  12" x 12" sign plants the thought in your mind so head for the table!  Would look great in a kitchen nook.

Drink Coca-Cols 5 cents. SignDrink Coca-Cols 5 cents. Sign

ITEM NO. 2226   Price: $11.95

11.75" diameter sign looks old.  Reminescent of the early days of Coca-Cola advertising.  Envokes memories of early drug stores or country grocery stores.  Great addition to the game room.

Pepsi Old Style die cut tin signPepsi Old Style die cut tin sign

ITEM NO. 2227   Price:  $17.50

The early Pepsi Logo on an oval sign.  Sign measures 17.50" x 12".  What a great sign for the game room wall.

Hot Dog and a Coca-Cola tin signHot Dog and a Coca-Cola tin sign

ITEM NO. 2228   Price:  $11.95

A Hot Dog and a Coke!  They are as natural as bread & butter.  Remember the picnics of your youth?  This 12.50" x 16" sign stirs up memories of the past.

Burgers & Fries tin signBurgers & Fries tin sign

ITEM NO. 2232   Price:  $11.95

Pair your favorite beverage with a Burger and Fries!  Almost sinfully satisfying.  This 11.75" x 16.75" sign makes a point.  Great decorating item for the game room, patio or kitchenette.

Coffee, Bottomless Cup Tiin SignCoffee, Bottomless Cup Tiin Sign

ITEM NO. 2229   Price:  $11.95

What could be better than a bottomless cup of coffee for the coffee drinker?  This 16" x 12.50" sign may exhibit "wishfull thinking", but you can dream.  Great sign for the breakfast nook.


Budweiser Clydesdales Tin SignBudweiser Clydesdales Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1219  Price:  $11.95

The famous Budweiser Clydesdale Team in all it’s glory.  World recognized, these massive horses are carefully reared and trained to be champions.  This 16" x 12.50" sign would be perfect in your "wet bar"


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