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Fresh & Delicious PopcornFresh & Delicious Popcorn

Item #1789  Price $11.95

14" H x 14" W tin sign.  Bring on the popcorn and start the DVD player!  Natural go-togethers, comfort food and a movie.  What a great sign for the den or game room.

Coke 1900 Tin SignCoke 1900 Tin Sign

Item #1759  Price $11.95

8.25" H x 16" W.  Reminescent of the old Drug store "soda fountain" days, this sign brings back memories of simpler times.  What a great display piece for your gameroom.

7 UP Disk Sign7 UP Disk Sign

ITEM NO. 80   Price: $28.75

7UP...The Drink of Choice!  Display this 11 " dia. porcelain sign proudly in your gameroom area.  This 7UP sign is also a great decorative piece for a rustic or country diner or bar.

Pepsi Biggest Nickel’s Worth SignPepsi Biggest Nickel’s Worth Sign

ITEM NO.402   Price: $20.00

Nobody gives you more for your money than Pepsi!  Get your money’s worth with this attractive red, white and blue sign.  18" x 6" Metal/porcelain construction.

Corona Beer SignCorona Beer Sign

ITEM NO. 454   Price: $20.00

Slice up the lime and stuff it in the neck of an ice-cold Corona.  Be sure and designate a driver after the big party!  10.50"x 8" Metal/porcelain construction.

Hot Dog Metal SignHot Dog Metal Sign

ITEM NO. 1040   Price:  $19.50

$.10 Hot Dogs.  This 8" x 14" sign is a reproduction of a sign displayed by countless vendors throughout the country in the "40’s and "50’s.  What a great tribute to an all-American industry.  This colorful sign would look great in the kitchen or snack area.

Twenty-Five cent coffee sign.Twenty-Five cent coffee sign.

ITEM NO. 1043   Price:  $18.00

Fashioned after signs of the past, this tribute to one of the most well-known beverages in the world deserves to be hung in your kitchen or breakfast knook. Sign measures 20" x 5"


Sign, Diner (Red)Sign, Diner (Red)

ITEM NO. 1674   Price:  $19.95

5" x 20" red & white diner sign.  Great look for the cabin kitchen

Drink Coca-Cola Red 12" signDrink Coca-Cola Red 12" sign

ITEM NO. 1758   Price:  $11.95

Another familiar Coca-Cola Sign featuring the red Ball so familiar to most of us.  What a great nostalgic memory.  12" dia with an embossed edge.

Hamburgers, Hot & Delicious Tin SignHamburgers, Hot & Delicious Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1960   Price:  $11.95

If you got it, flaunt it!  Years ago, you could see signs similar to this in diners, hot food commisary wagons, and fairs.  Get one for your game room.

Coke Always 5 cents--tin signCoke Always 5 cents--tin sign

ITEM NO. 2142   Price:  $11.95

Looks like a sign right out of a vintage Coca Cola memorabilia catalog.  Sign measures 16 x 12.50. Great addition to a game room or home theatre room.

The Original Root Beer Float tin sign.The Original Root Beer Float tin sign.

ITEM NO. 2144   Price:  $11.95

Remember your first Root Beer Float? Smooth and creamy and what a taste!.  This 14" x 14" sign is just a gentle reminder of those days.  This would be right at home in the breakfast knook of your house.

Drink Coca-Cols 5 cents. SignDrink Coca-Cols 5 cents. Sign

ITEM NO. 2226   Price: $11.95

11.75" diameter sign looks old.  Reminescent of the early days of Coca-Cola advertising.  Envokes memories of early drug stores or country grocery stores.  Great addition to the game room.

Pepsi Old Style die cut tin signPepsi Old Style die cut tin sign

ITEM NO. 2227   Price:  $17.50

The early Pepsi Logo on an oval sign.  Sign measures 17.50" x 12".  What a great sign for the game room wall.

Hot Dog and a Coca-Cola tin signHot Dog and a Coca-Cola tin sign

ITEM NO. 2228   Price:  $11.95

A Hot Dog and a Coke!  They are as natural as bread & butter.  Remember the picnics of your youth?  This 12.50" x 16" sign stirs up memories of the past.

Burgers & Fries tin signBurgers & Fries tin sign

ITEM NO. 2232   Price:  $11.95

Pair your favorite beverage with a Burger and Fries!  Almost sinfully satisfying.  This 11.75" x 16.75" sign makes a point.  Great decorating item for the game room, patio or kitchenette.

Coffee, Bottomless Cup Tiin SignCoffee, Bottomless Cup Tiin Sign

ITEM NO. 2229   Price:  $11.95

What could be better than a bottomless cup of coffee for the coffee drinker?  This 16" x 12.50" sign may exhibit "wishfull thinking", but you can dream.  Great sign for the breakfast nook.



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