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Cities Service Koolmotor SignCities Service Koolmotor Sign

Item #963  Price $24.50

Cities Service Koolmotor 12" Round Sign

Texaco No SmokingTexaco No Smoking

ITEM NO. 260   Price: $24.00

Get rid of the butts when you’re around here!  This 23" x 4" TEXACO no smoking sign gives you a casual way of letting folks know that you want your space to be fresh and smoke-free.  Metal sign with porcelain finish.

Mobil "Gargoyle"Mobil "Gargoyle"

ITEM NO. 293   Price: $28.00

"Ask for the Gargoyle!"  This attractive 9.75" x 12" metal/porcelain sign will add a touch of class and nostalgia to your recreation room or the kid’s room.  Black text and red images on a white background.

Sinclair Dino Gasoline SignSinclair Dino Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 1558   Price:  $24.50

Reproduction 12" porcelain on steel Sinclair Gas Pump Sign.  Great looking sign for the garage or game room wall.

That Good Gulf Gasoline SignThat Good Gulf Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 153   Price: $24.50

You just can’t beat that "Good Gulf" gasoline.  Show your love for quality and performance when you display this 12" dia. sign in your garage or gameroom!

Skelly Fortified Gasoline SignSkelly Fortified Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 152   Price:  $24.50

12" dia. Skelly Fortified Gasoline Sign. Prtocelain on steel construction.  Great addition to the garage or "man cave".

Texaco Petroleum Products Gas Pump SignTexaco Petroleum Products Gas Pump Sign

ITEM NO. 312   Price: $24.50

The Texas  Company Petroleum Products Gas Pump Sign.  12 inch dia. porcelain on steel sign.  This is a reproduction of an early Texaco sign.  Perfect for the den or gameroom.

Texaco Fire Chief Round Tin SignTexaco Fire Chief Round Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1814   Price:  $11.95

12" dia. Texaco Fire Chief Sign.  Perfect for the garage.  Lightweight tin sign complements any service station memorbelia decor.

Polly Gas Restroom Door PushPolly Gas Restroom Door Push

ITEM NO. 973   Price: $19.50

This great looking 12" x 3.50" door push was used by Polly Gas.  While not used today, door pushes proved to be an effective advertising tool in years gone by.  Tin construction.

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Gulf Oil Sign (Orange Small)Gulf Oil Sign (Orange Small)

ITEM NO. 150   Price: $24.50

This Gulf Oil sign is one of the most recognizable branding logos of all time.  We all remember the days of that big orange ball rotating high in the sky at the local Gulf station.  This sign was used by Gulf Oil from 1936 until the 1960’s.  12" diameter, durable metal/porcelain construction will last a lifetime!

Hancock GasolineHancock Gasoline

ITEM NO. 156   Price: $24.50

Be the "cock of the walk" with this strutting rooster sign by Hancock Gasoline!  This 12" dia. Hancock sign is vintage circa 1930’s.  Metal/porcelain construction.

Conoco Oil SignConoco Oil Sign

ITEM NO. 157   Price: $24.50

ConocoPhillips traces its beginnings to 1875, when Conoco founder Isaac E. Blake envisioned an idea to make kerosene available and affordable to townspeople in Ogden, Utah. Thirty years later, the foundation for Phillips Petroleum Company began when brothers Frank and L.E. Phillips hit the first of 81 wells without a dry hole. Sign is 12" dia. baked enamel on steel construction

Polly Gas Tin SignPolly Gas Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 977   Price: $19.50

Don’t miss this classic sign featuring the famous parrot image used by Polly Gasoline.  Polly Gas was produced by the Wilshire Oil Company based in California.  8" x 14" Tin construction.

Hancock-"Cock O’ the Walk" SignHancock-"Cock O’ the Walk" Sign

ITEM NO. 976   Price: $19.50

Be the "cock o’ the walk" when you hang this colorful 8" x 14" oil can sign in your garage or den.  Hancock Oil Co. was based in Los Angeles, CA.  Tin construction.

Special Order - Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Blue Sunoco SignBlue Sunoco Sign

ITEM NO. 159   Price:  $24.50

12" Dia steel sign displaying the famous "Blue Sunoco" logo.  What a great find for the garage or gameroom.


Sinclair Dino Gasoline SignSinclair Dino Gasoline Sign

ITEM NO. 1642   Price:  $11.95

This 12" dia. tin sign has an embossed edge for strength and durability.  Would look great in your garage.

Sign, Signal Restroom DoorSign, Signal Restroom Door

ITEM NO. 972   Price:  $19.50

Signal Restroom Door sign measures 12" x 3.50"

Special Order:  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Sign, Polly Oil CanSign, Polly Oil Can

ITEM NO. 1681   Price:  $34.95

14" x 20" sign depicting a Poly Oil Can.  This is a real conversation starter.  Hang one on your garage wall and wait for the comments.

Sign, Poly Gas Authorized DealerSign, Poly Gas Authorized Dealer

ITEM NO.  1684   Price:  $18.50

20" x 5" Poly Gas sign in shades of green & yellow.


Texaco Motor Oil Lubricates Perfectly SignTexaco Motor Oil Lubricates Perfectly Sign

ITEM NO. 1203   Price:  $11.95

This tin sign looks old and weatherbeaten.  Great display piece for the gameroom or "man cave".


Texaco Winged Motor Oil & Gasoline tin signTexaco Winged Motor Oil & Gasoline tin sign

ITEM NO. 2230   Price:  $11.95

Sign looks old.  This 16" x 8.50" sign is perfect for the garage or man cave.  Weathered brown & off-white background really makes a statement.

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