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Authorized Buick ServiceAuthorized Buick Service

Item #162    Price: $21.50

This multi-colored Buick sign is the perfect accent to your garage or game room.  12" dia., Metal/porcelain construction.  Great gift idea

Chevrolet Super Service SignChevrolet Super Service Sign

ITEM NO. 175   Price $21.50

This attractive blue and yellow 12" dia. sign with the familiar  Chevy "Bow-Tie" logo will bring out the gearhead in anyone.  Perfect gift idea!

Studebaker "Authorized Service" SignStudebaker "Authorized Service" Sign

ITEM NO. 180   Price: $20.00

Although these cars are no longer manufactured, Studebakers had a reputation of being one of the most reliable cars on the road.  The Studebaker brothers took great pride in the products they produced.  This 12" dia. metal/porcelain sign is a fitting tribute to the "working man’s car".

Chevrolet Corvette SignChevrolet Corvette Sign

ITEM NO. 169   Price: $21.85

Perfect for the Corvette lover, this 12" dia. sign celebrates the classic styling of America’s icon of speed...the Chevrolet Corvette!  Colors are red white & black on a silver background. 

Defiance Tires and TubesDefiance Tires and Tubes

ITEM NO. 982   Price: $24.50

Get the tiger’s grip with Defiance Tires & Tubes.  High-color graphics and design will please the pickiest collector!  Tin construction. Size: 12 x 18 inches.

Retro Auto Tin SignRetro Auto Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1236   Price: $11.95

Check this Out!  The front of a 51 Oldsmobile Super 88 Deluxe with a view of the Santa Monica Pier in the background.  Sign is 12.50" x 16".

Pontiac service signPontiac service sign

ITEM NO. 170   Price:  $21.50

This heavyweight, 12" dia. sign would be a perfect addition to the automobilia collectors garage wall.

Corvette Parking Only SignCorvette Parking Only Sign

ITEM NO. 1635   Price:  $11.95

This one says it all.  This 12.50" x 18" tin sign is embossed around the edges for strength and rigidity and will last for years.  A "must have" for the Corvette owner.

Chevrolet Genuine Parts SignChevrolet Genuine Parts Sign

ITEM NO. 1637   Price:  $11.95

12" dia tin sign is a copy of the originals found in every Chevrolet dealership in the country. Edge is embossed to add rigidity and strength.

Chevrolet Corvette SignChevrolet Corvette Sign

ITEM NO. 1645   Price:  $11.95

12" dia. tin sign with the Corvette emblem and wording embossed on a white field.  Another great addition to the corvette owners display.

MOPAR Parts and Accessories SignMOPAR Parts and Accessories Sign

ITEM NO.  1768   Price:  $11.95

This 16" x 12.50" tin sign is a tribute to the Chrysler Corporation.  Great graphics!  Looks old and weather-beaten.  Great look for the garage wall.

Chevrolet Parts Arrow SignChevrolet Parts Arrow Sign

ITEM NO. 1207   Price :  $15.95

Signs like this were seen in the parts departments of many Chevrolet Dealers throughout the Nation.  Sign measures 27" x 8-1/2" and is brilliantly colored in yellow,red, white and blue.  Great addition to the garage.

Cadillac Authorized Service SignCadillac Authorized Service Sign

ITEM NO. 1357  Price:  $11.00

12" dia. Cadillac Authorized Service Sign.  Perfect for the garage.


Chevrolet Super Service SignChevrolet Super Service Sign

ITEM NO. 1212   Price:  $11.95

16" x 12.50" Chevrolet Super Service Sign looks old.  Great gift for the Chevy lover in your family.


Chevelle Malibu 350 SignChevelle Malibu 350 Sign

ITEM NO. 1781   Price:  $11.95

Colorful tribute to the Chevelle Malibu 350 automobile.  Sign measures 16" x 12.50".  This was a real "Hot Rod" in it’s day.

Pontiac Approved Service SignPontiac Approved Service Sign

ITEM NO. 1783   Price:  $11.95

Tin sign measures 17.50" x 11.75".  Features the Pontiac logo and looks weatherbeaten.  Great sign for the "man cave".

Ford Country Metal Arrow SignFord Country Metal Arrow Sign

ITEM NO. 1812   Price:   $11.95

Classic simplicity.  Blue on white metal arrow measures 19.50" x 5.75".  Great sign for the nostalgic Ford owner.


Ford Mustang Parking Only Tin SignFord Mustang Parking Only Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1813   Price:  $11.95

Sign features the original Ford Mustang emblem first used on the 1965-A Mustang.  (Also known as the 1964-1/2 year model).  Sign measures 8" x 12". 



Corvette "It’s a State of Mind" SignCorvette "It’s a State of Mind" Sign

ITEM NO. 1312   Price:  $11.95

For the Corvette entheusiest!  Tin sign says it all.  Corvette is a state of mind.  Great piece for the den wall.  Measures 12.50" x 16.50".


Chevelle Parking Only- Tin SignChevelle Parking Only- Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1870   Price:  $11.95 

Especially for the Chevelle lover.  Your own special parking place sign.  Measures 11" x 17"

Chevy Heartbeat Tin SignChevy Heartbeat Tin Sign

ITEM NO. 1871   Price:  $11.95

Picturing the front of the iconic 1957 Chevrolet in brilliant hues.  Great sign for the garage or game room.  Sign measures 12.50" x 16"

Chevrolet Motor Cars SignChevrolet Motor Cars Sign

ITEM NO. 2128   Price:  $24.50

14" diameter sign in the style of the 1930’s.  Great nostalgia, simplicity and style.  Simple elegance.

Chevrolet Blue Emblem SignChevrolet Blue Emblem Sign

ITEM NO. 2130   Price:  $35.95

The famous Chevrolet symbol on a 23" x 8" heavyweight sign.  A "must have" for die hard Chevrolet owners.  Display your preference on  your game room wall.

1956 Chevy Bel Air Sign1956 Chevy Bel Air Sign

ITEM NO. 1961   Price:  $11.95

16" x 12.50" GM authorized sign depicting the iconic 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 dr. hardtop. Shown in the timeless mint green and white motif’.  What a great gift for the Chevy. buff in your home.

Genuine Chevrolet silver & Black round tin signGenuine Chevrolet silver & Black round tin sign

ITEM NO. 2223   Price:  $12.50

12" diameter sign features the famous Chevrolet "bowtie".  The silver, black & blue graphics are really a stand out in their simplicity.  Perfect for the garage or game room.

Ford Racing Fans Parking Only SignFord Racing Fans Parking Only Sign

ITEM NO. 2224   Price:  $11.95

For the Ford Racing fan in your home.  This 11.25" x 17.25" sign would look right at home in your man cave.  Great gift idea.

Chevrolet Racing Fans Parking signChevrolet Racing Fans Parking sign

ITEM NO. 2225   Price:  $11.95

Great sign for the gameroom or man cave.  Measures 12" x 18".  Black, white & red Graphics on an embossed sign that looks like aluminum treadplate.  Great find!

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