RESTORED GAS PUMPS  -  1/6/2015  Have you always wanted a RESTORED VINTAGE GAS PUMP to complete the look of your game room or garage? Hot Rod Alley can help make it happen. We can do an ANTIQUE GAS PUMP from the 1930's through the 1960's in any gasoline brand and colors of your choice, or a personalized CUSTOM GAS PUMP to your specifications and we ship these GAS PUMPS worldwide. Let us know how we can help you!
Decorate your Garage or Mancave  -  1/13/2015  Decorate your Garage or Mancave with a RESTORED VINTAGE GAS PUMP. Here at Hot Rod Alley we restore ANTIQUE GAS PUMPS in our own shop to like new condition. Any color or logo of your favorite gas station or oil company is available or let us do a GAS PUMP with a custom logo for your business.
JUST ARRIVED  -  12/30/2015  A matching pair of RARE Bennett 541 4 ad glass pumps! These pumps were originally done in Sinclair colors, but will be fully restored and you can pick the colors and logo of your choice. These pumps won't be inexpensive, but they will be BEAUTIFUL!

Polly Pump  -  1/20/2016  Just finishing restoration on a Erie Model 77 Gas Pump done in Polly colors. This beautiful Vintage Gas Pump was made in 1940 and would make a great addition to any Antique Gas Pump collections
or display.

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