Restored / Custom Gas Pumps

All restorations are original vintage gas pumps.  NOT REPRODUCTION.  Each gas pump is completely disassembled and cleaned.  The pump and motor are removed to reduce the weight.  The remaining parts are sandblasted to bare metal, repaired as needed and coated with industrial quality epoxy primer.  The exterior is painted with high quality Automotive Polyurethane Enamel and highly detailed using original colors and graphics.  Pumps may be customized during the restoration process.  Custom colors, logos and globes are available at extra cost. 

Prices include FREE CRATING.
Shipping Extra, Ask for Quote. 

Do you have an old pump that you want restored? Contact us for a FREE estimate. 

Gas Boy Model 390 Union 76 Pump $1850

ITEM NO. 2219   Price:  $1850.00

Gas Boy Model 390 Union 76 Pump.  These little pumps were used mostly around airports, race tracks and farms.  A great, unusual display piece.  Older restoration.  Measures 19" x 8" x 48" high.  Shipping is extra and must be quoted.

Polly Gas Pump Erie Model 77 $3,595

Item #2067  Price $3,595


1948 Wayne Model 70 Red Crown Pump SOLD


This 1948 Wayne Model 70 Red Crown pump is an older restoration from a private collection.  In excellent condition.  Pump removed to reduce weight.  Has original face plates, computer dials and trim and Buckeye nozzle.  Includes new Red Crown globe.  Measures 24" x 17" x 90" high incl. globe.  Shipping is extra and must be quoted.

Gilbarco Sinclair Gas Pump $2,895.00
ITEM NO. 2469 Price: $2895.00
Restored, Gilbarco model 904 Gas Pump. Faithfully restored in the Sinclair motif’, this pump is a real beauty. Pump measures 26" x 15" x 75" to top of globe. Face of pump is lighted on both sides as well as the globe. Shipping cost must be quoted separately.
1948 M&S Model 80 Sunoco Standard Base Pump SOLD

ITEM NO. 2216   SOLD

1948 M&S Model 80 Standard Base.  This pump is an older restoration from a private collection.  The pump & motor have been removed to reduce weight.  Has original face plates and trim.  Paint is in good condition for a display pump.  Measures 22" x 16" x 79" high including globe.  Shipping is extra and must be quoted.

1946 M&S Model 80 Shell Gas Pump SOLD

ITEM NO. 2215   SOLD

1946 M&S Model 80 with tall base.  This pump is as authentic as you can get. Just as it was when removed from the station island.  Pump & motor are still inside.  Paint is in good condition and all exterior trim is good.  Not a fancy show car style restoration, but a piece of service station history.  The Tall M&S 80 pumps are hard to find.  Measures 90" x 24" x 18"  including globe.  shipping is extra cost and must be quoted.

1955 Tokheim 300 Custom Hot Rod Pump - SOLD

Item # 1857 

Custom Hot Rod Pump.  1955 Tokheim 300.  Restored inside and out.  Base measures 24" x 18" and height is 71" with globe.  Bright yellow with custome red and black pinstriping.  Shipping costs are extra charges for all of our gas pumps.UNDER RESTORATION - PLEASE CALL FOR INFORMATION

Custom Hot Rod Pump - SOLD

Item #2049 

Custom Hot Rod Pump.  1948 Bowser Model 585 Restored inside and out.  Base measures 17" x 23" and height is 74" with globe.  Custom hand pin striping.  Shipping cost extra on all pumps.  Call for quote.  SOLD, BUT WE DO HAVE OTHERS READY TO RESTORE

Original Wayne 100 Phillips 66-SOLD

Item #2048

Original Wayne 100 pump made in 1948.  Restored in Phillips 66 colors.  Measures 16" x 25" and is 77" high with globe.  Shipping cost extra on all pumps.  Call for quote.

1954 G&B 996 Sinclair Gas Pump-SOLD

Item #2068

1954 Gilbert & Barker Model 996 Pump.  This is an original G&B pump restored in Sinclair colors.  This pump was in service without the light advertising globe on top that was so common in the 50’s.  All of the hardware is in place so we can add the globe at extra charge if you would like.  Dimensions are 21" wide, 16" deep and 59" high.  Shipping is extra and must be quoted. - SOLD, BUT WE DO HAVE OTHERS READY TO RESTORE

Tokheim Model 39 Tall Pump - SOLD

Item #1944

1938 Tokheim Model 39 Tall Pump - This is an original Tokheim Pump restored in Texaco colors.  The Tall Model 39 gas pumps are becoming hard to find and very desirable.  Nostalgia at it’s best.  Comes with globe and RARE original Tokheim nozzle.  Dimensions are 23" wide, 18" deep, and 92" high including globe.  Shipping is extra and must be quoted. 

Tokheim Skelly Power Max Clock Face Pump - SOLD

ITEM NO. 1241

Tokheim Model 850 Skelly Power Max Clock Face Gas Pump Circa: 1936   Fully restored and very impressive.  Globe is all glass with the glass faces actually fastened to the globe with brass nuts and bolts on both sides.   What a great addition to your garage or gameroom.  Pump measures approx. 20" dia at the base and is 97" tall with globe.  Shipping costs are extra charges for all of our gas pumps.   

M & S 80 Sunoco Gas Pump - SOLD $2995

ITEM NO. 2065

This is an original M & S 80 Gas Pump that has been restored in the Sunoco Pump Colors.   Base measures 21" x 16".  Pump is 74" high including globe. 1950’s era.  Looks new.  Great collector’s piece.  Shipping is extra on all of our restored gas pumps.

Wayne Model 605 Pump - SOLD $2895

Item #2064 

1959 Wayne Model 605 - This is an original Wayne Pump restored in DX colors.  The Model 605 is becoming increasingly hard to find.  I feel fortunate to find a complete pump to restore since parts are no longer available.  The perfect compliment to that 50’s Lead Sled in the garage.  Has lighted faces and globe.  Dimensions are 24" wide x 18" deep and 74" high including globe.  Shipping cost is extra and must be quoted.

Amoco Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1426   Price:  $99.95

Amoco Gas Pump Globe.  Red background with white letters on a black band outlined in white.  Mounted in a white ring.  Nationally recognized logo that would look right at home in your den or game room.  15.50" O.D., 13.50" glass lenses.  Shown on optional lighted base.

Chevy Sales & Service Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 445   Price: $109.95

Great looking "Bow-Tie" logo gas pump globe. Blue and yellow graphics on white glass lenses in a black, white,  or dark blue 15.50" O.D. plastic frame w/13.50" dia glass lenses. This is a great gift idea for the Chevy lover! Note:  shown on optional lighted base.

Cities Service Gas Globe

ITEM NO. 327   Price: $99.95

Don’t miss this KOOLMOTOR 15.50" O.D.  globe by Cities Service!  Glass lenses are 13.50" dia. Simple graphics make this globe a unique collector’s item.  Get it with the optional lighted base!  Available with white or green frame.  Specify color when ordering

Conoco Gas Globe

ITEM NO. 280   Price: $99.95

Get the famous Conoco triangle logo!  This 15.50" O.D.  globe features the red logo on both sides. 13.50" dia. Glass lenses in a Plastic ring.  Shown on optional lighted base.  Get it while we’ve got it!  Available in white or green plastic housing.  Specify color when ordering.

Conoco "Ethyl" Gasoline Globe

ITEM NO. 1560   Price:  $99.95

Offered as a companion to our regular Conoco globe, the 13.50" dia glass lenses are mounted in a plastic frame.  Frame color choices are:  Green, Red, and White.  Please specify color when ordering.

Corvette Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 1353    Price: $99.95

Another Corvette Globe to compliment our product line of reproduction globes.  This is an eye-catching white background with red, white or black frame.  Choose 15.50"  O.D. frame color when ordering.   Glass lenses are 13.50" dia. What a great way to immortalize an American Icon.  Note: Lighted base shown is not included.

Corvette Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 442   Price:  $99.95

13.50" dia.glass lenses have a silver-gray background that really highlights the black & red Corvette emblem.  Black 15.50" O.D. frame completes and compliments the classic look.

D-X Gas Globe

ITEM NO. 328   Price: $99.95

Diamond D-X Globe.  13.50" dia. Glass lens (logo on both sides) in 15.50" O.D.  plastic frame.  A definite conversation piece.  Available with Red or White frame.  Specify color when ordering.

Pure "Firebird Racing Gasoline" pump globe

ITEM NO. 1148   Price: $99.95

"FIREBIRD" brand gasoline image was implemented by the Pure Oil Company around 1961.  This unique globe design with 13..50" dia glass lenses is a real eye-catcher and looks great in any game room setting.  Available with white or dark blue 15.50" O.D. trim rings.  Specify color when ordering

Flying "A" Globe

ITEM NO. 1145   Price: $99.95

15.50"O.D.replica  pump globe w/13.50" dia Glass lens  on both sides.  Available with red or white plastic trim  ring.   Please specify ring color when ordering

Gilmore Gas Pump Globe

ITEM NO. 341   Price: $99.95

"Roar with Gilmore" gas pump globe is in a 15.50" O.D. black plastic frame.  The famous Gilmore logo is featured on both of the 13.50" dia. glass lenses  Great gift idea!

That Good Gulf Gasoline Globe

ITEM NO. 211   Price: $99.95

"That Good Gulf Gasoline" globe.  Fill up with Gulf!  13.50" dia Glass lenses in a 15.50" O.D. plastic globe frame featuring this popular Gulf slogan on both sides.  Perfect addition to any collection!

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